Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chili, Yogurt or No Where to Sleep~

I just got to decide between chili or yogurt for lunch. Yogurt won as I am trying to let go of some pounds.

I remember being hungry don't you?
We get that feeling a few times every day.

We cook or go out and voila we can eat!
The other night we went to Patrick's for dinner.

As we sat by the window drinking our wine two street folks I used to know walked by. Each in different directions.

Two years ago these were friends.

Now lifelines and eons later I no longer know them.

I wanted to invite them in to dine but did not as it was a special occasion.

I spent about $55 on dinner.

They could eat at "Sally" for free.

I'd have a full belly as would they.

Then we got in the car and road home.

And they were no doubt still walking and looking for "camping" grounds.

Home for me is a three bed room, two bath house.

Home for them does not exist.

I slept on a lovely queen sized bed.

They slept on cardboard.

I had to get up once to pee and then went back to bed.

They have been awakened to spending the rest of the night in jail for "abusing" the city's anti lodging law which forbids "Camping" of street people.

My $55 on dinner could have bought them each and three more people @ ten dollars a night at Sally's.

If they had money in their pockets it was not enough to buy a nights lodging on a one inch cot at Sally.

I lived on the street for awhile. Spent many a night at Sally and three nights out of doors.

Three free yet oddly cooked meals at Sally.

The card board really helped ward off the chill of the dirt and concrete.

I spent these nights with crack users, prostitutes, domestic violence victims, alcoholic and clean street folk under rain and under stars.

I was always hungry. Lost thirty five pounds. Walked for miles to do free laundry or just kill time.

I wondered, I stumbled, I saddened and felt the street folk's hopelessness trying to invade my Concious.

I was blessed. I was only stolen from twice.

This at Sally while sleeping.

I was blessed because I had the right words to tell:
I am a Lesbian, I am a Dominate, I am a Christian (if twisted), I have some investigative experience, I know guns and how to use them. Etc.

The Kings of the street, men, some pimps, befriended and protected me. The women did not see me as a threat as I did not want their "old man" So I made many a woman friend.

Many I prayed with.

I always held my head high. Spoke on firm grounding of my own shadow.

I looked each and every person in the eye and said "hey" if not more.

I never regretted giving out my last cigarette.

I never damned their drug or alcohol abuse.

I saved my often inedible food from Sally and gave to a hungered one not allowed in Sally.

I made some best street friends:
David (Who's daughter is a friend of my youngest daughter Annabelle.

(Small world this is...)
The professor
The three street "Mamas"
Two pimps and
several prostitutes, especially Big Daddy Red and Red the pro.

And Street Minister Mark Sedacca.

I miss them.

I miss the knowings, the comeraderie, the culture and sub cultures of street life.

Oddly enough I was accepted exactly for whom I was.

And I accepted them as they were
I found a home and had six of them come stay with me.

It never worked out. I was part of my own reality and they still lived in street survivor mode..
I do not wish to enable anyone yet offer a hand up.

I've a ONE. ORG registered group ONESARASOTA Life on the Street..
We've over 480 members.

And are now forming a committee to organize our grass root efforts by planning events, seeking donations, paying for nights lodgings at Sally for those whom cannot get in, sponsors, entertainers and others with a heart for street folk..
Ending this...I've dishes, laundry and cleaning of my home which I get to do.

And that yogurt will tide me over till dinner.

Please consider joining with ONESARASOTA'S efforts along with One. Org to help eradicate poverty and AIDS in Sarasota and Bradenton.

Spend as much or as little time as you can. Donate that time or in a monetary way.

I am seeking those whom will not look down upon street hollowed heads.

Rather those whom will look street folks in the eye and say "Hey"

Thanks and muchly
Jen Drake

Saturday, April 19, 2008

From Slums to High Rises in Sarasota...

Sarasota was built with the premise of a two class system. Those money and prosperous and those working under blur collar wages to support them.
As I watch the high rises, Businesses such as Whole Foods, the very well dressed, the folks walking their dogs at Five Points I wonder...
Do these prosperous folk ever look from their Ivory towers down to look down at the projects, Salvation Army street people. Do they feel any sense of discomfort from their wealthy shelves and bank accounts. And whom would be willing to help the poverty stricken.
With Sarasota's Anti Lodging Ordinance in place do these moneyed elite notice the homeless drifting with their back packs not knowing where they will sleep tonight? Or are they proof positive that money buys ignorance ans well as influences Lobbies, PACs and Law Makers...
Who will offer a homeless person a nights lodging at the Salvation Army and go pay for it so the money does not turn into Crack or Alcohol?
Or buy a lunch at Mickey D's and pass it along to a hungered and worn street person?
Ever offer a jacket or sweater on a chilly day? Or a blanket or an old sleeping bag for a cold winter's night/
I ponder these things always. And plan on finding out through ONESARASOTA just whom will help.
I need your help! Please pass along this site to your MySpace friends!
And look on this site's profile page and add a ONE Campaign banner to your site! Then consider becoming a member of our planning team, an entertainer for our benefit events or a monetary sponsor!
Spend as much or as little time on it.
With appreciation I will post your banner on the site. And credit you on every poster and pamphlet we put out!
A great way to advertise freely as well!
Thanks for your considering ONESARASOTA's efforts to help the poverty stricken and AIDS victims whom need our support desparatel! This all on behalf of One.Org of which we are a registered member!
More on One.Oeg on my profile page!
Thanks for reading and your willingness to help!

Jen Drake

Friday, April 18, 2008

From Street Minister Mark Sedacca Sarasota Florida!!!

Trinity Ministries, which is Brothers Serving Christ, My SOS and the Harvest Tabernacle's needs capital to buy razors, shampoo, lotions, bug spray, socks, underwear, etc for those that have not...I have an abundance of clothes, and food so graciously donated by compassionate people, but funds are so lacking...

SRQ Street Minister Mark Sedacca

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Want a room at Sarasota's Salvation Army tonight?

Sarasota's Salvation Army aka Sally has 1.5 inch thick cots to sleep on for your pleasure this evening. Sally, a Fortune 500 BUSINESS charges a mere $10 per evening for a cot and use of it's three bathrooms, two showers and ambiance of course!
Enjoy the fine view of Sarasota's new high rises just blocks away!
Dine the next morning of doughnuts and week coffee for no extra charge!
A street person whom works @ Day Labor makes on average fifty six dollars per day.
Fifty six minus ten for Sally is forty six. And not much money to pull ones self up by ones boot straps!
Did I mention that Sally opens it's doors free on rain nights? But on the cold, dry blustery days of winter. Or the wearying, decaying hot months of summer...$10.00 per night...
Give it a try. Then count your blessings as you adjust your AC with heat no less and thank the Universe for your pay check!

Jen Drake

ONESARASOTA Life on the Street

ONESARASOTA Life on the Street is a registered site of One.Org.
One.Org seeks to find areas of poverty and utilize grass root as well
as international efforts to combat poverty.

Jen Drake
Sarasota Florida